World Food Program has increased food rations for South Sudan refugees living in Uganda.

The ration had been reduced by more than half in September due to funding shortfalls. The UN agency had downsized refugee food rations from 12 kilograms of cereal to just 6 kilograms per person.

Under the new arrangement, each person is entitled to 12 kilograms of cereals, 2.4 kilograms of pulses and 1.5 kilograms of fortified supplements. Others are 0.9 kilogram of vegetable oil and 0.15 kilograms of salt per person.

Neville Claire, a communications officer of World Food Program says the new changes take effect in December this year. She says the changes effectively abolish an initiative in which the UN agency supplemented rations with Uganda 7,000 Shillings.

Claire says the latest decision has been informed by a market survey which revealed that the money is sufficient to buy more than 6 kilograms of cereals.

Hassan Hadia, a South Sudan refugee living in Palorinya refugee settlement in Adjumani district hopes the new announcement will improve lives of refugees in the settlement. She says some refugees were going hungry after selling parts of their rations for school fees and other scholastic materials for their school going children.

Northern Uganda is home to close to two million South Sudan refugees who fled fighting in their home country. World food program says Palorinya settlement alone is home to 1.7 Million people.

Uganda’s refugee policy of resettling refugees on a 60 square meters of land has been hailed as a global model for affording refugees the opportunity to grow their own food. End