The ministry of education has a proposal of taking over early childhood development centers but this will start with early childhood centers attached to public schools.

The pre-primary schools will include early childhood education and care. The senior education officer pre-primary education from the ministry of education Hajjat Safina says the National Development Government Plan strategy of 2016-2021 brings out the component of attaching early childhood development centers to UPE primary schools but the government has not pronounced itself yet.

She says the ground is being laid already so that by the time the government pronounces itself, they will be able to implement and she further says that is the reason they are sensitizing about the operations of the early childhood development centers.

Public Primary schools that will establish early childhood development centers at their schools will be expected to deliver certain packages as proposed by the ministry of education.

The Education officer pre-primary education in the ministry of education is Abdu-Malik Muwanga says medical check-ups are essential at these centers as these learners play a lot with soil which has germs thus exposing them to infections. He says these centers should be able to organize medical services.

However this proposal drew mixed reactions from stakeholders with supporting the idea and others wondering about its success.

The interventions by government in early childhood development includes early grade reading, teacher absenteeism and time on task, universal primary education reading to learn and school feeding program. End