By Maurice Eriku

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki over the weekend launched the provincial prayer peace week. The purpose of the Annual Prayer Peace Week is to promote peace in the country specifically in the region of the Greater Northern Uganda that has been torn apart by wars and conflicts.

Our reporter Maurice Eriku in a bid to get more information about the level of preparation and organisation for the peace week linked up with monsignor Primus Asega the vicar general of the diocese of Arua and also the executive director Justice and Peace Commission Arua Diocese the Organizers of the Peace.

How far have you as the COC prepared for the annual provincial prayer peace week?

The preparations for the prayer peace week which will take place from 22nd to 26th January 2018 are in full gear. A Central Organizing Committee was already instituted in place, so far eight meetings have been held to plan for the event. Two meetings have been scheduled on 6th January and another general meeting on the 13th January 2018. Therefore the planning aspect of the peace week is almost coming to an end.

This celebration is going to attract a large crowd; so how are the issues of accommodation, feeding and transport going to be planned?

Accommodation is going to be in various places in Moyo. Arua Diocese has various institutions in Moyo like the schools and other institutions like Moyo multipurpose that we have already contacted and mapped out to accommodate people. We appeal that people come with their beddings; the schools will be divided for men and women in dioceses in the province.

The hotels in Moyo town have also been mapped out i.e. 114 hotel rooms will cater for some of the pilgrims. As a tradition of the peace week residents of Moyo have been called upon to adopt the pilgrims only for accommodation. This meant to build friendship and network all over the place however meals will prepared for everybody will be organized by the COC.

Transportation, people from other places will come using their own transport; for Arua diocese forms have been sent to parishes for registration so that those able to participate in the peace week can contribute 2,000/= which will be used for hiring a number of buses to transport the pilgrims.

We shall have a number of guests from within Arua diocese and other dioceses turning up for this year’s Prayer Peace Week; are there any confirmations of the invited people?

The bishop is still to confirm the coming of the chief guest i.e. the Deputy Chief Justice Owiny and the Guest Speaker Associate Professor from Uganda Martyrs University Fr, Ngabirano Maximillian has already accepted the invitation.

Organizations have expressed interest of coming, registration in the parishes of Arua diocese is still going on, Caritas Mahagi Diocese is coming, and the bishops of the province are coming. We are expecting 5000 to 6000 pilgrims.

As we conclude, do you have any other message?

My messages;  first of all is to those who have not yet given their contribution to boost the budget, please hurry up and send us that money to justice and peace office or bring it to your parish.

For the pilgrims, I encourage you to come, as the Pope put it in his message for World Peace Day; the refugees who are going to be a central point in the Peace Week Celebrations are our brothers and sisters about whom we should get concerned. End