Arua High Court on 11th January 2017 dismissed the case brought against Bishop Sabino Odoki and the Trustees of Arua Diocese by Father Nakari Adiga.

Father Nakari dragged Bishop Odoki and Arua Diocese to court for alleged wrongful suspension and defamation. Justice Stephen Mubiru ruled that the church is an independent institution, not to be unnecessarily interfered with by the state.

Justice Mubiru also said the matter was a disciplinary matter, which can be resolved internally by the institution of the church.

The diocesan lawyer Jimmy Madira says the bishop and the priest do not have a master-servant relationship and they have no contract binding them.

He says the case delayed because all was being done to see the parties settle the matter out of court with mediators.

But Madira says father Nakari did not agree to the venue and the choice of mediators so they had to go back to court.

The judge declined to award costs, saying, the bishop and priests are members of one family and awarding costs would create unnecessary burden. End