By Daniel Amule

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki on 27th January 2017 ordained seven priests and a deacon at sacred heart of Jesus cathedral Ediofe. Many Christians from the diocese attended the ordination mass.

After the ordination of the seven priests and deacon, the bishop appointed them to serve in the different parishes in the diocese.

Deacon Emmanuel Drici has been assigned to do his pastoral ministry in Oriajini however before he starts his pastoral ministry the deacon will start by working in Bishops residence.

Meanwhile Bishop Sabino has assigned Fr. Dominic Acema DIDM as curate of Oleba Parish, Fr. Vital Atara curate of Ragem parish, Fr. Mark Acidri curate of Maracha parish, Fr. Phillip Andreku curate of Kijomoro Parish, Fr. Joel Angualia curate Kureku Parish, Fr. Moses Apangu curate Nyadri Parish and Fr. Tuzinde Pariyo as curate of Odravu Parish.

The newly ordained priest will also take on the role of being in charge of all the schools under their parishes.

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki also used the occasion to announce transfer of some priests in the diocese.

Fr. Archangelo Ayuu will be the curate of Metu parish, tutor and school chaplain at Ereepi P.T.C.

Fr. Moses Mugabi Abidrabo former curate of Laropi parish is now curate of Ocodri Parish and in charge of all schools in the parish.

Fr. Dominic Adebasiku former curate of Kureku parish is now curate of Offude Parish and in charge of all schools in the parish.

Fr. Lawrence Eguma former curate of Nyadri parish is now curate of Palorinya Parish and in charge of all schools in the parish.

Fr. Constantine Acidri who was on sick leave has been assigned teacher for formation of Catechists at Maracha Training Centre.

Fr. Nobert Azale has been appointed chancellor of the diocese of Arua.

The bishop also reminded Christians of the diocese about the synod that was launched on 8th December 2017 with a theme: “Growing together as a family church.”

Bishop Sabino also officially announced that the climax celebrations of the synod will be on 24th November 2018 that will double as the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Diocese of Arua.

Meanwhile the celebration of the centenary of sacred heart of Jesus cathedral Ediofe will be held on 30th June 2018. End