By Amule Daniel

Following Unkle Nyax aka Nyakuni Alfred’s accident on 16th December 2017, in a bid to get information on the treatment of Alfred Radio Pacis offered In Daa Mood program on Fridays to update the people of West Nile about the latest on Unkle Nyax’s recovery.

On 12th January 2018 Ayikobua Noel the programs manager had a one on one session with the wife of Unkle Nyax Eyotaru Doris and his sister Mercy to update concerned people who have been asking about how Unkle Nyax was recovering.

Ayikobua Noel: Give us an update on Unkle Nyax’s situation now

Eyotaru Doris: I am so happy to be here; in the first place I want to thank the almighty God for bringing us this far. I just want to tell my dear listener about Alfred. In the first place we are so grateful to the public for the financial, spiritual, and moral support and so on. The public has done great; you have supported us without you Alfred would be no more but with all the support you have given us Alfred is recovering.  With head injury the recovery is very slow but currently Alfred is really better than the time we travelled to IHK for treatment.

Ayikobua Noel:  Many people still don’t know what happened exactly?  

 Eyotaru Doris: I would say that Alfred was involved in an accident on 16th December 2017 at 4:30 pm; he sustained injury on the head where he had a fracture on the head. He also sustained injury on the clavicle where the bone got mashed but it has been worked on.  The head injury has led to a bit of memory loss. 

Ayikobua Noel: How about the sister? We would also like to hear from her especially how this has been for the family?

 Mercy: Thank you very much! In the first place I would like to thank my almighty God for having saved Alfred from the accident. Alfred in our family is the first born to my mother; he has been everything to us since we lost our father. Every time we needed advice we would go to him. It was a big blow to our family when he got involved in the accident. If you came to Arua regional referral hospital on the day he was admitted you could have witnessed the great number of family members from the village that turned up to see him. As my sister in law said earlier we were looking forward to the healing of Alfred so I would like to thank the almighty God for healing Alfred that far and the public at large for the support towards Alfred’s treatment. Thank you

 Ayikobua Noel: When this happened many people were asking questions that we could answer because we didn’t have the answers at our finger tips. Some people were asking how they would support the family, some people were praying, others were simply sympathizing with the family.

Briefly give us a history to the listeners.

Eyotaru Doris:  We really got support from people and I want to thank the insurance company that also helped us to pay part of the hospital bill. The family also paid of the bill however the public also contributed money that has helped towards the treatment of Alfred. We really appreciate what the people have done to us. We know you love Alfred so much that is why you have contributed. Thank you very much.

Ayikobua Noel: Talking about the medical insurance. How much was the bill paid by the insurance company and the family?

Eyotaru Doris: The medical insurance while we were at IHK paid by the insurance was 4.7million and the rest of the bill was paid and still being paid by the family.

Ayikobua Noel: How much is the total bill?

Eyotaru Doris: I cannot say it now because we still have another bill to pay, we paid another bill in medical chambers where the surgery was done and we still keep going for review in that same hospital.

So I can’t tell exactly how much we have paid.

After you had left Arua regional referral hospital for International Hospital Kampala; there was a post on social media that the bill was 16million.

Eyotaru Doris: Yeah! That was an estimation which was made and the bill almost came around that figure and if we were to add what we have paid already the figure would be more than that.

Ayikobua Noel: many people even up to now still want to support the family, how would you want them to contribute?

Eyotaru Doris: I know with Alfred’s recovery we still need more support from the people, we know that in one way or the other we maybe stressing the people but if the public is still interested in supporting Alfred, they are welcome.

Additional Information

  • Nyax’s traumatic brain injury is very serious. He has two skull fractures which indicates that he hit his head very hard in the accident. He is seeing a neurologist and several other specialists and therapists. He is troubled by delirium, hallucinations and sleep disorders. His vision and his balance have been affected. He has gained weight and is being treated for high blood pressure.
  • The broken clavicle is not as serious as the brain injury. The metal part put in him to support the clavicle could be surgically removed December 2018 or could simply remain in him for the rest of his life.
  • His phone use is restricted to a few hours a day, but he is unable to use the phone without assistance.
  • He tires very easily and sleeps a lot.

Mr. Nyakuni Alfred (better known as Uncle Nyax) is a Ugandan from the Lögbari people. With seven years’ experience in radio, he joined Radio Pacis in 2004. Holding a bachelor degree in education, he is a full-time secondary school science teacher who spent several months in the USA on scholarship. He co-presents In da Mood and presents West Nile Panorama. End