By Sharon Angucia

In Arua today, police carried out operations from morning up to mid day on the motorists who disobey traffic regulations. This covered verification of ownership of the motorcycles, valid permits, insurance, registration with URA( numberless), use of riding gears like helmets, to impound those in dangerous mechanical conditions, and other traffic regulations.

Accordingly 80 motorcycles were impounded, majority were issued Express Penalty Scheme EPS tickets to pay at the bank for the various offences, others were advised to bring the rightful documents for verification.

Those without numbers or forged numbers were advised to register with URA, those habitual offenders plus those with serious offences were advised to make statements so that their files are to be compiled and taken to court.

It is believed that at the end of it all, the errant motorists and others not caught up by the operations will learn a lesson of not disobeying traffic regulations hence resulting in to a reduced accident rate. End