By Abiria May Grace

If the sanitation in Arua main Market is not properly managed, the onset of the rains may pose a serious health challenge in the market.

This is because many vendors are still putting the items that they sell on the ground yet when it rains the place becomes

muddy and sometimes rain water runs on them.

The management of the market gave a directive to all the vendors to construct raised structures for putting the items that they sell but many have not followed the directive.

Akio Sarah a vendor at Arua main Market says those who still sell items on the bare ground do not want to erect structures because they claim it is expensive. She adds that one timber for making the structure costs five thousand shillings.

She however suggests that those who do not comply with the directives given to them should be forced so that sanity can be brought in the market.

Nelson Dada the chairman for vendors in Arua main market says they are going to take action on those who will not follow their directive soon because they had already reminded the vendors on the issue of sanitation in the market.

Dada adds that selling items on the ground also can be harbor dangerous insects and snakes which may be dangerous to human life.

Another sanitation challenge which many people are speculating during this rainy season is that of garbage generated from the market but the municipal health office is so far managing the garbage. End