By Daniel Amule

St Joseph’s college Ombaci paid farewell tribute to the out-gone head teacher Mr. Tumwesigye Andrew on 5th march 2018 in St. Joseph’s college Ombaci chapel.

Students attended the function

The function was organized by the college community to give recognition to the immense contributions Mr. Tumwesigye Andrew made to the development of the college.

Mr. Tumwesigye Andrew joined Ombaci in the year 2010 as deputy head teacher from Kabalega SS, a great school and was later assigned as the head teacher a job he did very well.

The acting head teacher Ondoga Charles has emphasized that Tumwesigye Andrew kept a  great principle that you don’t run away in the battle, first finish it then you can go. He stressed that it’s not surprising that having put Ombaci where it is today and Kabalega going to the ruins in his absence he has kept his word and accepted to go and rebuild it.

Acting Head Teacher Ondoga

The college community appreciated the government through the Ministry of Education and Sports for bringing him to Ombaci; Arua Diocese, Board of Governors, PTA, Comboni Missionaries and Arua District for accepting to work with him and entrusting him with the responsibilities.

According to the acting Head teacher Ondoga, Tumwesigye Andrew shall fondly be remembered in the history of the college for having rescued sinking ship sand made it float.

Tumwesigye reading the liturgy of Saints

The college community will particularly remember their former head teacher for; always putting God first during good times and also bad times, growing the academic progress of the college, having an attitude of resilience and accepting to work in poor places away from home, not giving up easily, even if remained alone fighting, emphasizing and building teams for success, working hard and extra without extra pay, being very honest and not taking any public property for personal gain, always being straight forward, loving the Lugbara and west Nile people, training people to succeed and not fearing them to take his position, instituting IT innovations in academic and financial management, greening Ombaci college, always accepting wise advice from junior staff, attracting other stakeholders to put up new structures for example the ADB Projects and rehabilitating the school infrastructure.

These traits according to the college committee have made Tumwesigye a hero in Ombaci and West Nile.

Education Sec Arua Diocese – Fr Inyaga

The acting head teacher Ondoga Charles has pledged to continue with the vision of the former headmaster to make St Joseph’s college Ombaci a Centre of academic excellence based on the fear of God, discipline and sacrifice.

The college community has requested for the establishment of a partnership with the great Kabalega SS on areas of academics, sports, recreation, staff development and student exchanges; fronting the former head teacher as an ambassador in Kabalega and the greater western Uganda.

This year St. Joseph’s college Ombaci will celebrate two great functions on 24th March 2018 St. Joseph’s day and Platinum Jubilee Celebration in September 2018. End