By Maurice Eriku

A fresh controversy has emerged over the planned give a way of a piece of land in Pajulu Sub County for establishing a presidential demonstration farm.

On the 22nd of March, the district passed a resolution to give away the 9-acre land located in Pajulu for a demonstration farm.

However some residents of Nyai village have expressed concerns on why the land was surveyed in the night & are now demanding for compensation from government that they claim is long overdue.

These people came to survey and fix mark stones on this land at night, our concern is that we were chased from this land without compensation and our grave yards are still on this land In an interview with Dramaa Kamilo, a Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC staff guarding the land at Gilgil.

He confirmed that the land was indeed surveyed by a Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC team from Kampala who were caught by time but not Arua District Local Government.

He further revealed that he was instructed not to grant access to Arua District Local Government. as the property belonged to UBC.

Efforts to verify this with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC management in Kampala were futile as their telephones went unanswered.

But the District Local Councillor for Pajulu Sub County Eguma Patrick says the said land is a district property and the district reserves the right to use it.

“It is not community land but if there are encroachers on the land we shall not be on there side” he said.

Avutia Marlon, the Local Council 3 chairman of Pajulu says he has received complaints from the locals about the matter.

He acknowledges that Arua District council has land located in the in Pajulu however official communication to Pajulu Council of whether district is giving that land has not been received by them yet.

“But when I was informed by the LC1 Nyai Village, he expressed fear that already some community members are saying their land is being surveyed” he said.

Avutia Marlon has assigned himself to investigate the matter and later intends to organised a meeting the community members of Nyai Village.

Radio Pacis is yet to establish the ownership of the land from the district lands office.End