By Sharon Angucia

Police in Arua District have arrested the LCIII of Odupi Sub County called Adraka Jude and locals of the host communities of Imvepi and Omugo refugee settlements Drajole Nicholas, Afimani Simon, Azamuke Patrick, Abatre Jackson and Muzee Were for inciting and participating in a riot against the management of the settlements and the humanitarian aid organizations over employment policies.

The locals claim that they are not being treated fairly as far as employments are concerned as most of the employment opportunities are not given to the host communities.

According to Angucia Josephine, the PRO West Nile region on interacting with the locals as to why they rioted at 8am this morning, they claimed that they have not been employed as casual laborers at the construction sites within the refugee camps instead such lower level employment opportunities which do not need high qualifications

are given to outsiders.

They gave one example of the ongoing construction at St Luke SSS in Omugo Sub County by Fin Church Organization whose casual laborers are brought from outside their communities, Global Contractors who have been undertaking constructions at the camps that equally do the same; even their own cooks have been laid off without proper payments.

Lastly, the host community alleged that they dug murram for making roads within the camps for which they have not been paid by UNHCR.

They then blocked the roads with big logs and fire hence not allowing motor vehicles of humanitarian organizations to cross to the camps.

Police rushed to the scene to stop the riots, unblocked the roads, and arrested the ring leaders with LC III chairman to assist with investigations.

The PRO says all the six arrested are being detained at Arua CPS pending investigations. However, the communities have been advised not to riot as a solution to their problems but to seek dialogue with the concerned stakeholders so that their problems can be appropriately solved.

The situation has cooled down as police monitors fresh intelligence reports on planned riot if the LCIII chairman and the Six are not released.  Deployments are still being maintained at the camps. End