By Simon Onziga

The family of Drania Maria a 75 year old widow in Gbuluku Village in Logiri sub county Arua district was overwhelmed with joy as they received Florence Amono a born of Kitgum district as a daughter to Maria who never gave birth to a child.

Florence Amono the project officer for the Better outcome project for orphans and vulnerable children in Eastern Northern Uganda voluntarily offers her self as a daughter to a helpless elder in each of the 20 districts of her operation.

A childless Maria Drania says she chose to remain at her marriage home though her husband died 27 years ago.

“When my husband died, my brother clearly said much as the man is dead, he can`t bring me home though I had no child so that they would wish to bury me next to my husband. Even at our home some brothers have died and I don’t want to go there to add burden at home as I can`t dig now.” 

Florence Amono says she is disturbed that people have ever intentionally neglected those who have never been reached with love.

The project Para social worker of Anyavu Parish Adrapia Grace is equally hopeful that the union with Florence will nourish Maria`s life deeply.

According Henry Lulu the manager AIC Arua, Maria`s story is a sample of suffering in communities that requires every ones attention.

The 75 year old widow was given gomesi, foot wears, soap, sugar, salt and promised medical care. End