By Gabriel Adrapi

The long dragging bickery Among the Muslim’s in Arua Muslim district over the position of the district khadi has finally come to rest. Muslim faithful in Arua district have been urged to be united and also in harmony. This follows fights among the Muslim leaders.

The Muslim leaders comprising of Joint Council and Council of Sheiks unanimously impeached the want away district khadi, Sheik Ahmed Amin Maga, and replaced him with sheik Abdullahi juma vuni.

“I shiek Abdullahi Juma Vuni, because of the mandate given to me by the councilors, I accept the responsibility of serving as the acting District Khadi” was the oath that the new Khadi said.

Sheik Ahmed Amin Maga had no choice, than to accept the impeachment after failing to satisfy the joint council with his defense against numerous allegations.

Concerned Muslims in Arua town recently mobilized and removed all the tyres of the council vehicle that Sheik Maga was driving, after refusal to honour his suspension by the council.

The tyres were availed soon after announcement of an acting district khadi.

However, the peaceful impeachment almost took another twist, after sheik Maga refused to hand over the keys of the council vehicle and locked himself in the house.

Concerned Muslims in Arua town gathered in large numbers and removed the vehicle from the premises of Maga and parked it on Adumi road to attract the attention of the police.

It took close to 30 minutes for the police to forcefully remove the keys

from Maga and the vehicle was driven to Arua central police station for safe custody.

Adinan Amin, Islamic preacher in Arua appealed to the Muslims to remain united.

Juma Ahatib, Chairman Arua Muslim supreme council says, he deliberately delayed hearing of the petition against Maga, because he needed adequate time for consultations.

The acting Khadi will continue to manage the affairs of Islam in Arua Muslim district, until he is officially confirmed by the National Council. End