Leaders in Amuru district are complaining over the irregularities surrounding the compensation of beneficiaries of Amuru sugar works project.

The LCIII chairperson of Amuru sub county David Acire has taken lead in the verification audition and validation of the proposed beneficiaries of the compensation for Amuru Sugar works project.

But Acire however found out that, a total of 89 cases of irregularities were registered by his office in the process of registration of people to be compensated for their land by the ministry of land housing and urban development.

Acire said that, it will not be fair for non-land owners to receive money for compensation.

Amuru district chairperson Michael Lakony is objecting the compensation of the people by the ministry of land housing and urban development saying the Ministry has not instituted a mechanism to redress the grievances the people underwent during the survey of the land, incidents of human rights violation by the Uganda police and crime preventer`s and school properties like desks destroyed for firewood by the police officers during the survey.

However, the grievances’ handling mechanism in the ministry of land housing and urban development Denis Obbo commends the approach by the LCIII of Amuru sub county saying the problem requires a local solution.

Obbo notes that, even though it is the role and duty of the ministry to verify the beneficiaries, the role of the local leaders shall be instrumental in verifying ghost land owners who might have maneuvered their names for compensation.

Early this month, parliament passed a 12 billion UGX supplementary budget for the compensation of the affected persons in the over 40, 000 acres of land in Amuru sub county Amuru district. End