By Denis Oringi

Arua Diocesan Pastoral Council kicked off on Tuesday 29th May 2018 with all the deanery heads in the diocese giving reports on state of affairs in their deaneries.

Top among some of the issues raised during DPC by the deanery heads was witchcraft and mob injustice by some Christians in Arua Dioceses that his hindering evangelization.

Fr. Tonino Pasolini the care taker Parish Priest of Aripea expresses his disappointment on the way some charismatic members carry out the new way of evangelization in the parish in the two years when there was no priest.

According to Fr. Tonino most Christians link the sins of their ancestors to the misfortunes that befall them like barrenness, accidents among others.

“This is witchcraft, this is not catholic teaching, I am not a young priest myself, I am an old priest and I can say this plainly and clearly.” He noted

Similarly in Arivu Deanery both practices of witchcraft and mob injustice are common amongst Christians.

Fr. Joel Anguyo stressed that witchcraft is still a common occurrence in the deanery.

According to him mob injustice in relation to death of relatives has resulted into revenge attacks that lead to more death cases.

The facilitator at the DPC Binen Anena a sister of Sacred Heart of Jesus Moyo stressed the need for Christians and religious leaders to commit themselves and accept Jesus Christ to protect them from all dangers.

Bishop Sabino Odoki announced plans to launch a campaign to fight the practice of witchcraft among Christians.

He made the proposal following reports by various diocesan pastoral agents about the persistence of the vice.

“I will appeal to all the pastoral agents always to address the issue of witchcraft and as a diocese I want to start a program to convert the witchdoctors. We have to convert them otherwise what they are doing is bringing a lot of suffering among the people”. Bishop Sabino said.

The power of witches to harm others has on many occasions been dismissed as superstition. End