A private security guard by the names Andama Alfred , 29 years, attached to Alpha security company saved a gun SLR type with 08 rounds of ammunitions from being robbed by a suspected robber by the names Candia Patrick 27years, resident of orphanage cell, Oli division, Arua municipality and in the struggle, the gun was broken into pieces and other parts fell apart on Tuesday 5th June 2018.

According to PRO West Nile Josephine Angucia this incident happened when Andama Alfred 29years was deployed to guard Ham fuel station in Arua town.

Up on the attack, a struggle ensued between them, the guard was over powered, the gun was broken into pieces, suspect Candia Patrick was arrested, brought to Arua Central Police Station and detained.

The broken pieces of the gun exhibited as inquiries continue under Arua SD ref 02/05/06/2018.