By Ocitti Robert

Pawel Chiefdom in Acholi Sub-region has unveiled a document aimed at promoting food security and cultural rights of women among its subjects.

The head of the chiefdom, Baptist Latim, says the leadership of the chiefdom deemed it necessary to come out with the pronouncement seeking to address the two cardinal issues of food security and the cultural rights of women.

Latim added that they intend to mobilize their subjects in order for them to realize the relevance of having food secure homesteads and violence-free society that give equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of the sex.

Meanwhile, Latim refutes the belief that Acholi tradition allows violation of rights of women, saying it is not true because those are some of the excuses given by selfish men who don’t want women to own land and other property.

The document also addresses issues of environmental protection and bride price. End.