The South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar has once again been offered the position of vice presidency in a new government structure meant to accommodate the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- in Opposition and other rebel groups.

The development follows talks held at State House – Entebbe yesterday involving President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, president Museveni and Sudanese President, General Omar Al Bashir.

The leaders spent over 8 hours discussing the agreement that will bring peace in the war torn South Sudan. The Sudanese foreign Affairs Minister, Al-Dierdiry al-Dhikheri told journalists that four key issues were discussed.

β€œIt has been agreed that there will be four vice presidents: the current two vice presidents, plus Riek Machar (who) will assume the position of first vice president, and then the fourth position will be allocated to a woman from the opposition,” Al-Dierdiry Ahmed said, following the meeting in Kampala aimed at ending more than four years of civil war in South Sudan.

In the new government structure proposed by Presidents Museveni and Bashir, South Sudan will have four vice presidents.

Machar was offered the position of first vice president and the opposition will be offered a second vice presidency that will be taken up by a lady. Currently, the country has two vice presidents.

The cabinet will be increased from 30 to 45 members. The 15 new cabinet members will be opposition members.

Machar and other opposition delegations accepted the proposals in principal but refused to append signatures on the deal, saying they will come up with a final position today. The wife of Machar, Angelina Teny says the opposition is hopeful that a final agreement will be reached and signed in the coming days. End