By Ocitti Robert

Democratic Party (DP)–Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) Reunion caravan preparations Acholi sub region kicked off with a lot of messages of hope focusing on how to make young people grow in leadership.

In a news conference held at Northern Uganda Media Club-NUMEC offices in Gulu town, Norbert Mao, the President General of Democratic Party said the reunion aims to deal with the problem of fragmentation within the DP party and other democracy seeking forces as stated by the party president. The motive is to empower DP leaders and DP elected leaders.

Anthony Akol, Member of Parliament representing the people of Kilak North, Amuru district on FDC ticket welcomed the idea for the DP-UYD reunion.

Francesca Amony, local councilor representing the people of Pece division in Gulu district said the reunion is very important for the young people.

Kerobino Uma the DP chairperson for Gulu district has high hopes that the young people will be on track to take charge of leadership once the old leaders leave office.

Gulu DP-UYD reunion is slated for the 3rd August this year at Kaunda grounds in Gulu town. End