By Simon Onziga

Calls for reconciliation and harmony among Christians in Arua diocese took centre stage as multitudes celebrated the centenary of faith in Ediofe Cathedral Parish on Sunday.

The papal Nuncio to Uganda Arch Bishop Michael Blume who presided over the centenary mass said he was delighted that efforts were being put in place to foster reconciliation and harmony.

Archbishop Blume also asked Christians to embrace missionary work to aid the work of evangelization with the good news of Jesus across the world.

The Papal Nuncio stressed that although the process of reconciliation has already kick started there is still more to be done.

The Chief Ayivu elders Mike Agondua stressed that their forefathers welcomed the Comboni missionaries and offered them land to establish the church, schools and hospitals that have helped in development of the communities.

He appealed for respect and protection of the boundaries of the land given to the church in order to deal with land grabbers.

Ediofe that also hosts the headquarters of Arua diocese was the second parish to be created in the diocese after Moyo.

Monsignor Kasto Adeti, the Parish priest of Ediofe said there are about 17,000 Christians with Nine chapels spread across the parish.

According to him the faith that was brought by Fr Guissepi Zambonardi, a Comboni missionary has seen 44 other parishes created out of Ediofe alone.

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki of Arua diocese congratulated all the parishioners of Ediofe parish and paid great tribute to the Comboni missionaries who brought the light of the Christian faith.

According to the bishop the celebration of the centenary was happening in a year when the diocese is celebrating the 5th synod of Arua Diocese.

He asked the Christians to pray for the success of the synod to live to its theme of growing together as a family church.

Bishop Joseph Franzeli of Lira Diocese, Bishop Santus Lino Wanok of Nebbi Diocese, Emeritus Bishop Martin Luluga of Nebbi diocese, Bishop Felipe Jusepe of Kotido Diocese and Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki Ordinary Of Arua Diocese. 

The Bishop of Nebbi Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev. Santos Lino Wanock urges the Christians to reflect on the true meaning of celebrating the jubilee.

Atiku Bernard the member of parliament of Ayivu Constituency says the development plans that the church has laid at 100 years must act as tools for reconciliation to move forward.

Arua RDC Peter Dibele has called the people to stand for truth in order to realize mistakes for better transformation after reconciliations.

Arua diocese has already expanded to 52 parishes with a population of over 2 million catholic Christians.

During the centenary celebrations the apostolic nuncio to Uganda who was recently appointed as the Papal nuncio to Hungary laid the foundation stone for the construction of a multimillion storeyed parish hall project, centenary bell and the construction of the cathedral terbanacle. End