By Dorothy Anguparu

Refugees and host communities in in Rhino camp and Imvepi refugee settlements are registering improved health service delivery.

The settlement commandant of Imvepi refugee settlement Denis Mbaguta noted that they have better services in the different health facilities in the camp.

He further added that the health centre two they have are at the standards of health centre threes.

Mbaguta explained that they have most of the necessary drugs to serve the community.

However access to health services in Uriama sub-county which is one of the refugee hosting sub-counties was hindered by the forest cover.

But with the presence of refugees, the LC 3 chairman of Uriama Sub-County Lonzino Etuma realized that the residents get easier access to health services.

According to the assistant settlement Commandant of Rhino camp refugee settlement they face a challenge of improper facility and in adequate staff.

The commandant identified that they lack maternity ward which is critical in every health facility.

Rhino camp and Imvepi refugee settlements have a total of 10 health facilities.

Uganda is a home for over 1 Million refugees and asylum seekers and 82% are children and women. End