Arua district now has a mediation office where parties aggrieved in civil matters can have their cases resolved out of court.

Mediation is a process through which a matter can be resolved out of court or with the aid of court where a court appoints someone to help the two parties resolve their matter.

Counsel Jimmy Madira explained how the process works says the solutions do not come from the mediator but rather from the parties.

He says the mediator just facilitates the talks between the parties. Counsel Madira also says of recent mediation is not by any person but rather by people trained by the special department in the judiciary where there is a registrar in charge of mediation in the high court attached to the commercial division.

He says whatever is discussed in mediation that turns to be successful is then turned into writing and it then forms part of the judgment.

According to counsel Madira there has been a high rate of turn over as compared to the past. However, Counsel Francis Onencan says most litigants prefer court to mediation. He therefore blames the low response on attitude.

In mediation, the parties are free to choose a person they feel can better mediate their matter. There are about eight accredited court mediators and all of them are advocates. End