By Gabriel Adrapi

A section of the Communities living around Ajai wild life game reserve in Arua district, are demanding for degazzetment of the reserve. The local residents claim that the reserve has occupied most of the fertile cultivatable land which could have accommodated the increasing population. But some community members feel the reserve is a blessing to them too.

The Member of Parliament for Lower Madi constituency, honorable Ogama Ismail has urged the concerned residents to wait for the select committee of parliament that is moving around to consult the masses on the proposed amendment of wild life bill. Hon Ogama is a part of the said select committee.

The elders and opinion leaders in Madi are claiming that, the land for establishing Ajai game reserve was verbally given to the government by king Ajai using his own powers at the expense of the communities.

Elder’s in the area have challenged the government to restock the reserve so as to attract meaningful investments than maintaining the land for keeping baboons that turn to be destructive to crops planted around the reserve. END