By Kevin Vusia

The high court in Arua has course listed 92 civil and criminal cases pending dismissal if the parties don’t show why the files should not be dismissed within one month.

The assistant high court registrar Salam Ngombi said the cases are mainly appeals from the lower court and civil cases.

He says it’s within the powers of the high court to dismiss cases that have over stayed in the court as stated in the civil procedure rules order 17 rule 6 sub rule 2 “in any case not otherwise provided for in which no application is made or step taken for a period of two years by either party with a view to proceed with the suit, the court may order the suit be dismissed”.

Ngombi said they carry out routine case dismissals because people file cases but unfortunately settle them when the court is not aware and they want to reduce case backlog in court.

However one can appeal after dismissal filing why the case must be reinstated.   End