By Gabriel Adrapi

The Forum for Democratic Change- FDC party is considering strengthening its grass root structures throughout the country under the Power 10 campaign.

The power 10 campaign is a mobilization strategy of the FDC party ahead of the 2021 elections.

A member of FDC national delegate, Achan Hellen says this strategy will operate as a way of garnering more support for the party even in the smallest villages.

The General Secretary of FDC in Arua Municipality, Musema Mudasir Bruce, has admitted that the opposition political parties have failed to maintain grass root structures due to resource constraints.

The FDC leaders in Arua municipality shared the new strategy with the media during a press conference in Arua town.

Reflecting on the recent by elections throughout the country, the party officials, concluded that the support for FDC has continued to grow over the last few years, despite the party winning only two of the seats in the concluded by elections. END