By Maurice Eriku

Leaders in West Nile region have vowed to push for urgent government intervention to heighten environmental conservation measures to avert the impacts of refugee influx on forest resources.

While addressing a recent meeting, the leaders advocated for alternative energy sources to save the almost depleted forest cover.

According to Taban Yassin Yumbe district LCV chairperson, there is need to compel the central government to frame policies that can promote use of alternatives to charcoal.

Leku James the Adjumani district chairperson says although several ordinances are in place, charcoal trade has continued to thrive thus a need to re-think an urgent solution.

Meanwhile Adiga Lawrence Ozubia, the chairman of Albert Nile catchment area and Maracha district boss challenged the leaders to combat wetland encroachment in the region.

Although environmental conservation is a priority to West Nile, Anyama Williams the LCV chairperson of Moyo called the West Nile leadership to unite and advocate for infrastructural development in the region.

West Nile districts are among the over 23 districts in Uganda with depleted forest cover predominantly attributed to charcoal burning and tobacco farming. End