By Kevin Vusia

Court has acquitted Thiwe and two other residents of Pulaka village, Eruusi sub county Nebbi district.

It’s alleged that on 31st December 2013 Thiwe and two others unlawfully caused the death of James Agwokotho.

The accused allegedly cut the deceased’s neck with a panga and also threw him with stones several times.

A doctor examined the three accused persons and they were found to be of sound mind and adults.

During cross-examination in court, the accused persons denied knowing the deceased person.

The resident judge of Arua high court justice Anthony Ojok Oyuko said the prosecution failed to produce substantial evidence to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and they failed to prove the case against the accused persons, they only relied on circumstantial evidence which was not enough to pin the accused persons and postmortem report was not brought in court so this affected the state in that they couldn’t prove the case.

He however said murder is a serious offence which carries maximum sentence of death.

But in this case the accused persons were not found guilty.

The accused persons had been on remand since 2013. End