By Maurice Eriku & William Iceta

Parents in Arua diocese have been called to avail time for their families in order to raise morally up right children.

Speaking at the 5th diocesan synod, the delegates said being too busy for family life is detrimental to children’s upbringing.

According to Asuru Jane, a teacher and delegate, it is vital to give time for children right from a tender age.

Abure Ronald, of Lodonga deanery says despite busy work schedules, parents must strike a balance and not neglect their children.

Meanwhile Adrabo Robert, the Family Life Desk Officer and member of synod steering committee says parents must embrace speaking to their children as this impacts on their growth.

Whereas Msgr. Elizeo Ovure, the Episcopal Vicar of Moyo and the refugee vicariates urged couples to desist from domestic violence in order to nurture morally upright children.

However on the 8th day of the 5th synod of Arua diocese, the delegates also shared on the issue of Church marriage which they identified as one of the biggest issues Arua diocese is grappling with.

The participants identified the reasons why people do not want to marry in the church and what the diocese can do to end this.

Some of the participants identified the reasons as taking marriage as a contract, deficiency of trust among partners, childbearing, the common practice of polygamy and high bridal prices among others.

According to some participants, if pastoral agents get into doing more catechesis on the importance of church marriage, counseling of couples and encouraging mass weddings, church marriage is likely to get a boost in Arua diocese.

The Bishop of the diocese Sabino Ochan Odoki says marriage in church is a gift of God to families.

The 5th diocesan synod is being celebrated under the theme “Growing Together as a Family Church”. End