By Simon Onziga & William Iceta

The ongoing 5th synod of Arua diocese is getting closer to finding a solution to bride wealth being a blockade to church marriage.

The delegates have discussed different thoughts about the extent to which bride wealth hinders church marriage and ways to curb the practice.

Some participants questioned the motive behind paying bride price. Another participant thinks bride price greatly contributes to domestic violence.

A member who participated in the 3rd synod of the diocese says the diocese is making a progress in teaching about bride price payment.

Meanwhile Fr. Aquilino Acidri the parish priest of Maracha advises the assembly to re-visit the resolutions of the 3rd synod of 2000 in order to find better solutions to the challenge.

The synod assembly suggests the involvement of pastoral argents in marriage preparation in order to avert such anomalies. 

Tuesday`s discussions were based on the prominent elements of bringing good Christian values in the families and other institutions in the diocese.

The Bishop of Arua diocese Rt. Rev Sabino Ocan Odoki believes that this synod will help address a number of issues since most of these issues have been raised in the different sessions.

According to the pastoral agents, bringing good Christian values in the families require concerted effort from all stakeholders in the diocese. End