By Dorothy Anguparu

The new HIV elimination strategy aimed at eliminating HIV by 2030 is registering progress in Arua district.

The strategy of 90 by 90 by 90 is a UN global strategy which was adopted by Uganda to reduce on the prevalence of HIV and elimination of new infections.

The branch manager of AIDS Information Center Henry Lulu explains that the strategy aims at reaching out to 90% of the people living with HIV globally but do not know their statues.

The second 90 ensures that the 90% of those who know their status are initiated on care. Then the last 90 stands to see that 90% of those on medication, have their viral load suppressed.

Meanwhile the Arua district assistant health officer Paul Bishop states that the district has made a tremendous progress. He says for the year 2016/17 the district under the first 90 registered 65%(those who know their status). In the second 90 Arua scored 99% (those in care). Drileba says on the 90, the district scored 85% (viral load suppressed).

The chairperson of Persons living with HIV Jack Kokole said that they engage in peer education to encourage adherence to anti-retroviral treatment.

By the end of 2017, Uganda had 81% of people who tested for HIV and 50,000 new infections of HIV were found and 56% had their viral load suppressed. End