By Gabriel Adrapi

There was excitement as members of Mungufeni women’s group in Maraju village under Ayivu Sub County welcomed the guests for the launch of the long awaited Erekpea water for production project.

The solar powered gravity water scheme worth over 100 million Ugandan shillings is funded by a Germany based donor and Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment -RICE West Nile.

Coordinator of the project, Afayo Charles, has described the project as the biggest gift ever for the people in this village. He says the target beneficiaries are over 500 in number. Afayo also says the water will be used for irrigation. He also says that the benefiting village initially suffered greatly before the new water source was constructed.

The local women in Maraju village are optimistic that the official launch of Erekpea water for production project will also help to reduce cases of domestic violence as men ceased to trust their wives as they always went out to search for clean water from a distance.

The women say the search for clean water forced them to mainly leave and come back home in the dark hours of the morning and night respectively.

A technician from Kario family company limited, Philliam Okpoa while explaining how the system will work said the water will be pumped from underground using power generated from a solar system.

Extension of the water to other parts of Ayivu Sub County has been restricted by government.

The district water officer Stephen Obitre explains that the National water and sewerage cooperation raised an objection towards extending the water to villages that are already earmarked under National Water coverage.

The project was launched by Bishop Charles Collins Andaku, the 7th bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese.

Women in this area are already using the water for horticulture. End