By Kevin Vusia

Court has sentenced a resident of Bibia cell in Arua Municipality Adinani Peti alias Ajua Lilly Wine to 60 years imprisonment for murder.

Court heard that on 18th October 2015 at Bibia cell in Arua Municipality Adinani murdered Pican Agnes about 25 years old a resident of Bibia cell Pangisha ward in River Oli division at night.

The convict attacked four different girls at Bibia cell on different occasions and attempted to strangle each one of them. He said he would kill them as he killed Pican Agnes.

The convict accused them of being sex workers. One witness at the same time a neighbor testified in court and said she saw the convict coming from the deceased’s room but when the convict realized that she had seen him, he ran back in the room which made her suspicious.

However in the morning they found deceased dead with a rope tied around her neck. Police visited the scene and discovered that the deceased’s television set, a video deck, hoofer and phone were missing. Postmortem was done and the report showed that Pican died of suffocation.

The state lawyer William Bayo said murder is a serious offence which carries maximum sentence of death and prayed that the convict be given a deterrent sentence to sound a warning to the public.

Meanwhile, the defense lawyer Samsa Drajiru prayed for Acquittal. The high court judge Justice Anthony Ojok Oyuk said he found the accused guilty and sentenced him to 60 years imprisonment less one year and nine months already spent on remand; meaning he will serve 58 years in prison.

However the accused is free to appeal within 14 days if he is not satisfied with the ruling. End