By John Dibaba

Arua district councilors are asking the district executive committee to give priority to the implementation of Public Accounts Committee –PAC recommendations. This follows the rampant misuse of public funds by some officers. The councilors maintain that the mismanagement would be regulated if the PAC reports on corruption are implemented by the district.

Fostin Yikita councilor representing Ayivuni Sub County has this argument on why the district is failing to implement the PAC’s reports. He says the district does not have specific people to follow up the implementation of these recommendations and there is also no tracking system in place.

In a recent interview with the secretary of Arua district Public Accounts Committee Wilfred Amayo, he cited the challenges affecting service delivery that need to be implemented by the district. He says there is misappropriation of public funds and lack of accountability by officers.  Amayo says there are still issues of missing vouchers and people being in acting positions for quite a long period of time.

However in last week’s council sitting, Genesis Acema the district vice chairman tasked the district executive committee to check resource misappropriation.

But a director of special projects with the Inspectorate of Government James Oyengpenwe contends that there needs to be coordination among all government bodies that check on corruption if Arua district is to succeed in fighting corruption.

The latest corruption incident in Arua is of the NUSAF fund where over 500 million shillings was purportedly embezzled. End