By Jaspher Okello

Six couples last Sunday walked in amazement during a mass wedding function led by Archbishop John Baptist Odama at St Joseph’s cathedral in Gulu Archdiocese. Archbishop Odama appealed to the men to desist from polygamy saying it brings about unpleasant family experiences.

He says by bringing in more women, men are simply bringing into families more troubles.

The Archbishop asserts that families are a foundation of humanity. Odama further believes that when this foundation is strong, then there will be strong societies and the reverse is true. The Archbishop appeals to Christians to have families like that of Joseph, Mary and Jesus Christ.

Members of the congregation that witnessed the mass wedding attested that the event brought within them the zeal to also get married in the church through a holy matrimony. Many also believe that the mass weddings are quite cheaper for Christians to afford.

This particular mass wedding was organized to help couples who wanted to wed but lack finances to foot the costs associated and those who lacked time to organize parties. End