By Kennedy Inyakuni

Moyo district local government has lost over 83 million shillings of taxpayers’ money to Arua High court after the district was sued over vicarious liability. When passing the judgment, the court ordered Moyo district local government to pay 60 million shillings to the plaintiff for the vicarious liability caused as a result of delays in paying the money. The same court has issued another order where 60 million shillings was removed from the Moyo district bank account in Stanbic bank and another 23 million shillings is to be paid in settling a case where the driver of the former district chairperson Vukoni Jimmy Okudi was involved in an accident.

Losing such a huge amount of taxpayers’ money has angered the district authorities who are now asking for strict measures and actions to be taken against individuals causing financial losses to the district.

Michael Didi Paul the district councilor representing persons with disabilities claims that some individuals are using the district to as a source of income through running to the courts of law. He further believes some of the financial loses could have possibly been avoided citing the incidence of the driver of the former district chairperson Vukoni Jimmy Okudi where the driver initially only needed finances to clear his medical bills to the tune of about 1.5 million shillings. Didi blames the Chief Administrative officer of the district for having not paid attention to the matter thus resulting in the huge financial loss.

Meanwhile Williams Anyama the chairperson Moyo district local government says that they have already started settling some of the court cases against the district outside court. He however says the cases started accruing from the previous district chairperson Peter Ikudolo’s reign.  Anyama blames the office of the district Chief Administrative Officer for laxity in following and monitoring court cases.

Some of the councilors want the district through its council to vote some funds from the district pool to settle the court case. But the district Chief Finance Officer Vuciri Henry maintains that this will affect the operations of the district coupled with the low local revenue collections in the district.

The district speaker of Moyo Martin Caiga in a recent meeting says this matter needs immediate attention in order to lessen the losses incurred. He also says it’s important that the district council gets the number and details of court cases the district is facing so as to have the attention of the District Executive Council and the Technical Planning Committee.

Moyo district is also expected to pay 17 million shillings to another party after they accepted to settle their differences out of court. End