By Maurice Eriku

Meat consumers in Arua town may have to take caution and keep watch over Quality and safety concerns emerging from the main municipal abattoir.

According to insiders from the slaughter facility, unfit meat is been sold to the public after been recommended for disposal which is a serious health risk.

“We are saddened by the conduct of the municipal abattoir vetenary doctors who after inspection permit sale of condemned & infected animal products like liver, lungs and intestines which are supposed to be burnt.”

Fuathum Norah, the principal health inspector warns the public to take extra caution on where they buy meat as they plan to weed out such meat vendors.

Similarly Dr. Willy Nguma, the District Veternary Officer of Arua has cautioned meat consumers in Arua town especially because of the recent history of infectious animal disease out breaks.

Efforts to get clarification on the accusations from the municipal vet doctor Taban Luke and health inspector Dukua Gideon who are in-charge of the municipal abattoir was futile by the time of filing this report since. End