By Immaculate Amony

Otuke District leaders have resolved not to allow Karamojong herdsmen back in the district. This was after a meeting held on 5th of November 2018 in Kotido district between the officials of Otuke and Kotido districts. The Karamojong herdsmen usually stray looking for pasture for their animals.

The Resident District Commissioner of Otuke Robert Abak who also doubles as the head of security in the district says he is equally not pleased with the presence of the Karamojong herdsmen in the district because they have not sort permission to entire the district from the authorities.

The RDC however says they as the authorities of Otuke will meet with the herdsmen to discuss where they can graze their animals and where not to do so.  Abak however cautioned the locals against taking the law into their hands.

The local communities have started reporting cases of theft of their food stuffs from the gardens with the Karamojong herdsmen as the prime suspects.

This however is not the first time the Karamojong herdsmen are grazing their animals in Otuke district, they habitually come into the district during the dry spells in search of water and pasture for their animals. End