By Kevin Vusia

Arua grade one magistrate’s court has dismissed four civil and criminal cases which have over stayed in court; more so the complaints have not shown up after registering their case with police and then court.

A number of suspects appeared before the grade one magistrate of Arua Paul Kedi to proceed with their cases but he surprised them when he dismissed the cases. All along the cases have been adjourned with hopes that the complainants would show up.

One of the dismissals was involving four residents of Ediofe trading center where the four men were arrested on 25th December 2018 by the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces -UPDF officers attached to Arua military barracks.

According to UPDF the suspects were found near Vino Lounge at 2:00am chewing mairungi and were charged with being idle and disorderly but since then the forces have never followed the case.

The grade one magistrate dismissed their case and set them free but cautioned them not to go and commit the same offences which saw them being committed before court. However the magistrate held that any party can appeal after dismissal, filing why the case must be reinstated. End