By Gabriel Adrapi.

The minister of education and sports Janet Museveni, has supported Ocoko modern secondary school with 10 million Ugandan shillings for construction of a modern library.

The envelope, worth 10 million shillings was handed over to the school administrators by the state minister for finance, and Member of Parliament vurra constituency, engineer Gabriel Aridru.

Engineer Aridru said that the Minister delegated him to hand over the money which he first presented to the school board and later to the administrators.

Honorable Aridru, however has pledged additional 5 million shillings, plus 50 pieces of iron sheets, to support the completion of the library project.

Minister Aridru has tasked the school adminsrators, to initiate projects that he can sell to other development partners to address some of the challenges, ranging from lack of a proper laboratory, incomplete infrastructure to fencing around the school.

The project which started in 2014 has a total cost of 127 million shillings. The head teacher Ocoko modern ss, Aluma Francis, said that the first fundraising conducted for the construction was in 2014 and managed to raise the building to foundation level. Aluma adds that the current fundraising has raised a total of 18 million shillings. Head teacher Aluma however said that they have been encountering challenges of inadequate infrastructure. Aluma said that they only accommodate two teachers within the school which has affected supervision and management of school.

Azima Francis, the vice PTA chairperson is hoping that the support from Janet Museveni will take the project to another level.

“It is a boast to us because our school fees is low and also the school is located in an area where most of the parents are poor and it’s challenging to pay school fees. Although the parents try their best to pay school fees, the school has pressing issues since it’s a new school.”

Ocoko Modern Secondary School in Vurra constituency is a government school with total enrolment of about 300 students. End