By Simon Onziga

Ever since a Christian initiative that founded the Week of Prayer for World Peace, it became an inter-faith activity, and now welcomes every one of all faith traditions to take part.

GANAL Provincial peace week is an annual event which is a brainchild of the catholic bishops from the Northern Ecclesiastical province popularly known as GANAL, an abbreviation which means, Gulu, Arua, Nebbi and Lira.

The Theme for the 2019 World Day of Peace is ‘Good Politics at the Service of Peace’.

Some Christians in Arua diocese express the significance of prayer for peace in the community saying it invites God to take charge of all that we are doing on earth because all we do is only possible when it’s approved by God.

Sister Elizabeth Ondoru the program coordinator for Justice and Peace Commission of Arua diocese says we all have to work for peace alongside praying for it.

This event is estimated to attract over 8,000 pilgrims coming from the different parts of the dioceses within GANAL and outside. End