Yumbe district has registered an improved performance in the 2018 primary leaving examinations this report was confirmed by the acting district education officer of Yumbe.

Compare the two years in 2017 they got 45 first grades 33 male and 12 female in 2018 they got 84 first grade 58 male in first grade and 26 female in first grade . The percentage that failed in 2017 is was 14.6 percentages and it reduced in 2018 to 14.3 in the district the best is midigo Calvary they got 15 first grades followed by saint Daniel comboni yumbe they got 7 .

The head teacher midigo primary school Ibrahim Ali says his school has had a better performance in 2018 compared to 2017

This year’s performance has greatly improved they were able to get 18 first grades with 10 boys and 8 girls and the best got aggregate nine in second grade they got 45 and two in second grade they had a total of 65 in 2017 they had only one in first grade and 2018 is the best for them.

Jane Alejo the for Secretary social services yumbe district says they are planning to intensify school inspections, so as to ensure a better performance in the coming years

They want to continue sensitizing the community on the importance of education sentizitse the pupils on importance of education and want to tell them when they are going to school they should have vision and they want to intensify inspections and they will make sure when school starts all the school going age should go to school they will work hand in hand with the councilors and lc ones in their Area.

A total of 5182 pupils  sat for PLE in Yumbe district in 2018, of which Takua Primary school had 5 in Division One, Kuru Primary school 5, Yumbe Primary school 2, Lodonga Demonstration Primary School 1,Nyori primary school 2 and Lokopio primary school 3 in Division One. End