By John Dibaba

Visually impaired persons in Arua are advocating for the brailing of medicine tins. This special interest group of people contend that they always struggle in administering personal medication as they can’t read for themselves.

Ayikoru Jean Longo the focal point person for Arua district blind women association made an appeal saying the medicines should be labelled both on the tins and boxes for easy identification by the visually impaired.

Chris Osoti a member of the visually impaired persons in Arua says interpreting what the doctors have prescribed has been complicated for the visually impaired as they have to seek help from the visually able persons.

However, according to Doctor Stephen Boroa from Arua Regional Referral Hospital, factories need to adhere to this appeal. He says in tough situations they visually impaired might be forced to take drugs that are not recommended since they can’t read.

Notable among the drugs that do not have braille is the antiretroviral medicine which is said to reduce the adherence of the patients. End