By Musa Sabir

A project worth One hundred eighty million shillings dubbed ‘Strengthening honey trade’ has been launched to train bee farmers in Terego County, in Arua District.

The project funded by UWORDEN DAAD, an international Non-Governmental Organization based in the Netherlands is set to benefit over one hundred bee farmers under Arua Market Women Honey Traders Association and Terego Bee Farmers Association.

Jackson Jurua the Vice President of Uganda National Farmers Federation who also doubles as the project chairperson says the farmers were briefed ahead of the training.

Escol Adrole the Chairperson of Terego Bee Farmers Association says, all the three hundred active farmers will benefit from the training.

However, the Chairperson for Arua Market Women Honey Traders Association Alice Ozia has applauded bee farmers from Terego for the quality of their products on the market.

Patrick Arotile an Agriculturalist and a Trainer highlights some of the areas of the training as harvesting, increasing the productivity levels of the farmers among other areas.

Many bee farmers in Arua District are still lacking professional methods of managing Apiary, hence using wrong ways that negatively affect their products. End