By Gabriel Adrapi

Bodaboda riders, and drivers from different stages in Arua municipality, participating in the training on road safty, defensive driving and riding.

The training, organized by Uganda passengers and pedestrians association, UPAPA aims at reducing the rampant road accidents across the country.

Director UPAPA, Charles Ocitti, regrets that there is no school of riding in Uganda yet; bodaboda riders have continued to increase in number.

“Arua is now second to this small town you have over 10.000 bodaboda operators”.

He attributes the rampant road accidents to reckless riding and lack of knowledge on road signs and road safety.

Participants attending the three days training, from Feb 25-27th appreciated UPAPA, for considering contacting the training in Arua.

Deputy DISO Arua, Stephen Dravu represented the RDC in the opening ceremony.

Dravu has noted that most bodaboda riders and taxi drivers in Arua town are operating without valid license and driving permits.

“Most of you who by chance happen to get money simply acquire motorcycles and vehicles and start to learn on how to drive. This way, you are killing the engine; you are reducing the life span of that machine.”

Recent reports from Uganda national bureau of statistics suggests that, Bodaboda Riders are the major cause of accidents in Uganda.

Over speeding is said to amount to 81percent of the daily accidents.

But, the bodaboda riders are attributing some of these accidents to rough road network across the country.End