As the district has started experiencing a weather change with some spotted rains in some parts of the district, the farmers have been encouraged to continue with the preparation of their fields’ ready for planting.

Drateru Natalia the district secretary for production says the farmers need to be ready for the first heavy rains after which planting is encouraged.

Drateru emphasized that the last two weeks there has been strong winds which  blow  the good soil and cause havoc on the crops but informed farmers to plan trees to overcome such strong winds.

Okuvuru Joyce a farmer from Pajuru says her fields are ready but she is searching for seeds to plant when the rains come. She says she has prepared the fileld and now waiting for seeds to plant once the real rains begin.

Meanwhile Swadick Anaku a police officer who practices farming plans to expand the scale of his farming activities. He adds that he will plant g/nuts and cassava and he would use prisoners to work on his field.

Numerous studies have suggested that climate variability and climate change can have adverse impacts on global food production and food security. End