By Okello Jaspher and Amony Immaculate

The demand for a new district to be curved out of Oyam district has reached high-level discussions since district councilors last passed a motion to have the new district created.

Brian Ogutu Jatim, the Local Council-5 representative of Aber Sub County in the district, who is the main proponent of the motion, said the move will improve service delivery if the new district is created. Clement Otim, the councilor Local Council-5 for Loro Sub County said the move is not ill-intended. Workers’ male councilor, Easy-bash Macha equally subscribed to the call. The proposed new district is expected to have its headquarters in Aber Sub County headquarters and comprise of all the sub counties in Oyam South Constituency.

However, the proposal, in a subsequent meet, sparked off divergent views from the councillors and other leaders in the district with others opposing the move. The motion was presented before the council by Aber Sub-County representative in the district council, who also doubles as the chairperson FDC Oyam District, Brian Ogutu and it was seconded by Nelson Oloa, who represents the people of Myene in the district council. While presenting the motion before the council, Ogutu outlined some of the reasons why he want Aber to become a district, citing the population of the people in Oyam South which meets the standard requirements  needed for the new district to operate. Ogutu, in his statement said they have consulted many people from the five sub-counties in Oyam South and they have welcomed the idea saying it will bring services closer to them including job creation among others.

But, other councillors opposed the motion citing various reasons. Denish Anyeki, Oyam Town Council representative opposed the motion and said the council at the moment has many issues to discuss. He cited the donation of a hospital to Oyam District Local Government by Sino-hydro Karuma power contractor, which should be built. This, he claims, has made it hard for the council to handle such matters. Richard Olal, who represents the people of Abok Sub-County in the district council, said there is no need for Aber to operate as a district because it will weaken the revenue of Oyam District   since most of the sources of revenues are in Oyam South, citing Loro Market and Minakulu, all in Oyam South. He also said it is too early for Aber to operate as a district because they still want to benefit from Sino-hydro project.

However, the State Minister for Defence, who is also the Member of Parliament for Oyam North, Charles Okello Engola said he has no problem with the move as long as the government can accept the idea. Oyam became a district on the 1st July 2006 after it was curved from Apac district. End