By Simon Onziga)

The steady increase in the prices of construction materials in Arua town is causing anxiety among builders and residents.

Affected items include cement, iron sheets, iron bars, paints, among others.

This time a bag of cement ranges from 31,500 shillings to 34, 000 shillings. Iron bars range from 29,000 shillings depending on the gauges and the qualities meanwhile and iron bars range from 19,000 shillings and above basing on the types and depending on the brands and varies from shop to shop.

However the increase is from the recent recommended reduction in the prices by the Trade Minister Amelia Kyambade on items such as cement.

Some clients who needed such items are now struck by these increments causing them to move from shop to shop.

Ojoniga Rashid from Almanuru Enterprises says the major factor for the increment in the prices is transport as there is an increased price of fuel.

Feni Charles an Engineer advises to those who wish to build to have a bill of quantity that should match the market prices if the market prices are higher at a given time, he advises those constructing to pause till the prices subside.

The U.S Dollar has in recent weeks been on an upward spiral against the Uganda Shilling, a factor to the trending increase in prices of commodities. End