By Lalam Gloria

The month of April is designated as a month for child days plus health pogram. Gulu district has consequently rolled out vaccination of children in schools.

Sister Grace Anena, the Senior Nursing Officer in-charge of Vaccines and Immunization in the district says micro-planning has been concluded and the staff are very much aware of the program. She says, “Our target for this round is for Vitamin A targeting children 6months-59months of age in-school and out of school. Then for de-wormers they target 1-year to 14-years. But for Human Papilloma Virus-HPV vaccines, for cancer of the cervix for girls of 10-years, the ministry has decided that this should also be conducted. The vaccines are free and safe for the recipients”.

Gulu district Secretary for Health and Education, Rose Amono Abili urges parents to embrace the program. According to Abili, 2,500 people die every year because of cancer. She adds that, “Cancer is not an easy disease and gets any part of the body. It is very common today and parents should take this exercise very seriously”.

Child Days Plus is a program conducted twice every year and is a month-long outreach activity where normally Vitamin A capsules and de-worms are distributed to preschool children 6 months to 14 years old and vaccines for cancer has been included. End