By Ocitti Robert

Some residents of Gulu district have reacted to the proposal made by Doctor Tom Okurut, the Executive Director National Environment Management Authority-NEMA that every Ugandan should pay 50-shillings annually that will be used for recovering the lost forest cover.

Denis Kwonyero Ocen, representative of persons with disabilities in Gulu district local government is against the decision. He says, “Paying the 50-shillings will not reclaim our destroyed forests, unless the trees we have are no longer producing seeds. They should endeavor to see that all households plant trees time and again and they distribute seeds for people to plant. I don’t but the idea”.

Michael Ocan, the Environmental Officer of Gulu Municipality, says environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility.

Dr. Tom Okurut’s proposal appears to be similar to what Gulu district local government has already proposed where each household has to compulsorily plant at least five trees annually at some costs.

Simon Peter Oola, the district vice chairperson of Gulu revealed recently to a group of environmentalists in Gulu town. NEMA is currently drafting the tax proposal and they will present it before the national forestry authority and other relevant government ministries for approval.

Uganda loses about 100,000 hectares of forest cover every year, a situation that is worsening the effect of climate change according to the Ministry of Water and Environment. End