By Sharon Angucia

All seems set for the first ever Cere festival that is set to take place in Maracha district at Miriadua falls.

Gerald Iga the head of this project explains that the organizers have already sought permission from the relevant authorities to host this event. He says they are planning to host at least three thousand people every day for all the four days of the event.

According to Iga, the team has already sought for permission from the local authorities at Miriadua and Maracha district but they are in the process of securing the permission from National Environment Management Authority –NEMA.

Iga says the event is targeting adults and they are looking at getting some cultural elders on board too. He says for security purposes the venue will be fenced off.

Sanitation has been one of the major challenges affecting tourism activities that take place at Miriadua falls as the necessary facilities are lacking. But according to the marketing and events manager Oasis 24/7 Arua Pande Rominic Padre this has been catered for as they have secured supply of ten mobile toilets that will be used at the event.

As the revelers will be camping at the venue for the four days, the in charge Finance Oasis 24/7 Arua Nahabwe Nelson says security will be well looked into. Nahabwe explains that the district police commander of Maracha and the regional police commander West Nile region are aware of the event.

He says after they get permission from NEMA they will then write again to the police seeking for security.

This Cere festival that is aimed at providing an opportunity to showcase the culture and heritage as well as a platform for local talent to present their works is being organized by Oasis 24/7 Arua and is set to take place from 31st of May to 3rd of June. End